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I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect to:

To a man who’s made a difference in my world.
If you just rapped those two lines, it’s settled: We can be friends.
If you didn’t, that’s okay, too. We all have our faults.
I don’t just listen to the song for nostalgic purposes. (It’s called “Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Peppa, by the way.) It comes on, and I’m reminded of good men, and oh my good gracious, I love a good man. 
Lucky for me, I have one.
Since today is Valentine’s Day, I’ll tell you what my husband did to make me fall madly in love with him.
He talked nerdy to me.
We went to an incredibly small college in Wyoming, so I knew of Deich long before we started hanging out.  Six and a half feet tall, Australian, and bald, he was a hard one to miss.  But I’d always been the type to go after a baby face, and he resembled Mr. Clean.
So falling for him took me by surprise almost as much as it did him.
But it did happen, one a winter day, as I sat among all the basketball players in my Cultural Anthropology class.
“What do you all think it means to be ‘ethnocentric’?” my professor had asked. 
“Isn’t it the view that your cultural norm is superior to the culture of others?”
My jaw dropped and my heart skipped a beat as I whipped my head around to see who had spoken so intelligently.  It was him: Mr. Clean.
Suffice it to say, I made a point to talk to Deich more often.  Soon, a crush had blossomed, and then a relationship.  He would write letters and tell me he needed to extrapolate upon his feelings for me. After a year, he told me that I was his homeostasis.  (That means that I balance him out, in geeky science terms).  
His interests were broad, from World History to Microeconomics. He pushed himself to get good grades and to achieve greatness, and it all made me swoon. 
Just a few months ago, on a rare date night, he told me, “You’re like my resource transfer.”
If your brows are furrowed, don’t worry. Mine were, too.
It’s a business term, referring to two businesses that are somewhat successful on their own, but flourish when they come together. And it made me swoon.
It still does.
I’ll explain why. I love Deich for talking nerdy to me simply because a lot of men just don’t push themselves to be great anymore.
And I’m not just talking about getting collegiate degrees and climbing the corporate ladder of success. 
I’m talking about taking an interest in something and striving to become an expert in it.
It can be anything, and trust me, men! We would find it sexy.

Love cars?  Learn about them. Be her go-to person whenever her automobile gives her problems. 

Love building things? Creating masterpieces? Make her Pinterest dreams come true!
Have dream to own your business? Learn as much as you can about it…and then DO IT.
Whatever it is that makes you unique, makes you tick, find it. Just find your passion. 
And pursue it.
Unless your passion is video games.  Don’t pursue that.  You may find like, two, women in the continental United States who are wooed over your talents when it comes to World of Warcraft.
I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I’m a writer; my love language is language itself. So naturally I fell in love with a man who courted me with words.

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But “nerdiness” isn’t bound to book-smarts.  It’s an umbrella that covers a lot of different interests.
All you have to do is find one.  One interest.  Pursue it passionately.
And you’ll gain her interest as well.
…And as for keeping that interest?  Well, that’s where having a ginormous, caring heart comes in.
But that, my friend, is a topic so important that it needs another post on its own.
Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

Source: Amanda Deich