Make no mistake, dear little boy,
I know that school can be hard.
You’re told to sit still, to soak learning in,
To be quiet and just do your part.

Make no mistake!” you’re constantly told
By a teacher who wants you to learn.
But learning, dear boy, is made by mistakes,
Learning is not something earned.

When you started to walk, you fell the first time,
But you constantly tried your best.
And you tried through action, encouragement, and fun;
And that made you human, dear boy, not a pest.

Since the start of mankind, little boys have learned
By doing, by working, by tasks.
It’s not your fault you wiggle and move,
I know you want to do what they ask.

But dear little boy, know this is true,
About you, and others as well:
You can’t give up on learning in school,
‘Cause God’s plans for you are too big to fail.

Remember to be kind, and always show respect,
These things are what will make you a man.
But, dear one, you should never expect
To sit idly and learn a way that you can’t.

Try your hardest; get to know your own amazing brain.
Think, How can I learn this stuff best?
Could I write standing up, or read lying down?
Could I act out the story in my head?

Could I write down my questions and seek all their answers?
Could I take certain things apart?
Could I see how they work and find answers why?

Could I really discover… I’m smart?

Yes, you could, little boy! Just think of who made you.
And if there’s one thing I know, it’s this:
The God who made everything your eyes can take in,
He made you to be a success.

He knows you can learn; He knows that you’re smart.
And He knows there’s a lot at stake.
So, dear little boy, just think of who made you,
And know that God, well:

 He makes no mistakes.
Source: Amanda Deich