Becoming Brooklyn

Eighteen-year-old Brooklyn Blackburn never knew her father. Rex Blackburn died in the 9/11 attacks five months before she was born. And even though she never met him, she always daydreamed about what he must have been like before he died. In her mind, he was a hero. Little did she know. Brooklyn learns that her father had been a member of an elite military, anti-terrorism task force, made up of a very select group of people. The Army believes she inherited his same gifts, and suddenly Brooklyn is invited to train at West Point. She and five other 9/11 babies learn to hone their abilities in order to protect our nation. While they’re training for war, war comes for them.

I really liked the premise and characters and would recommend this book to anyone.

Becoming Brooklyn tells the story of a girl who has a special gift and is recruited, along with other 9/11 babies whose parents had special gifts, to the Crest-an elite group trained at West Point. I really liked the premise and characters and would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a story of brave, patriotic young men and women who find their true purpose.


Becoming Brooklyn grabbed my attention from the first page and never let up until the last page was turned.

I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I can’t wait to see where these characters take us next as I do believe they have more to say. I can’t wait to see how their powers develop in the future and how strong they may become. I can’t wait to see where this story leads next. I would like to see more of these characters but other characters in future books would be just as awesome as well.


A remarkable, compassionate and well written page turner from beginning to end.

I highly recommend this book for the action, the imagery of every piece of the story, including the character development and also the tender love story throughout. I’ll definitely be buying this one in hard copy for my bookshelf!


I enjoyed this book so much!

It was like a cross between twilight (superhuman qualities- not the moody teen theme) with the army and national security. I am a slow reader but read this book in a week. It was so good, I couldn’t put it down.


Ahhhhh! Best fiction book I’ve read over the last ten years!

I fell in love with the characters and felt like I knew them personally. It was such a page turner! There was never a good place to stop, and I found myself consumed with thinking about what was going to happen in the next chapter as I did my work throughout the day.


A book showcasing the need for unity for YA and adults alike.

A well crafted story about embracing our differences as well as our similarities to improve the greater good!

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Amanda Deich is an insanely talented writer and storyteller!

I just want to share how much I loved Brooklyn’s story. You took such a difficult and poignant subject matter and paid beautiful tribute to those lost on 9/11 and their survivors. This is a story about courage, strength, and sacrifice. Getting to know these characters, how they grew up, what struggles they’ve overcome, and what special gifts make them uniquely suited to be part of this elite team was so much fun. These kids are real, and it feels like I could have easily went to school with any one of them. Yet, beneath the surface lies a hero in waiting. Amanda Deich created something truly magical. I am so excited to find out what happens next. Please make this a series!


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God bless America,

The first blast came from behind the flag at the front of the room, shattering the silence we’d assumed during the patriotic song. It could have killed us, but it only succeeded in throwing me sideways, making me land sharply on the edge of the buffet table.

Land that I love! Stand beside her, and guide her…

A hand reached toward me. I clung to it desperately as it tried to pull me out of the chaos, away from the explosions and the deafening spray of gunshots. Through the night with the light from above.

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